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Divorce Group Coaching in Connecticut

Love Your Post-Divorce Life and Be Happy Even After

It is common to look at a divorce and think only of an end to something that was once constant in your life. But what if you looked at divorce as your long-awaited opportunity to write a new chapter? We understand that it can be overwhelming and petrifying to adapt almost abruptly to a new normal. After all, everything you’ve grown used to in your world is changing – your money, your home, even your children.

This is not an end, however, but a new beginning. You have finally freed the mental and emotional (and even physical) shackles that held you back from taking a chance on yourself. In the face of your divorce, you are looking at a new future that is brighter and happier than you could have ever imagined. And once you realize this with the help of our divorce coaching, you will feel a renewed vigor and inspiration for a life that is up to you and you only to define.

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The Divorce Soul School for Women

Founding attorney Renee Bauer created The Divorce Soul School, a one-of-a-kind divorce group coaching program to help women navigate their post-divorce life that they will come to love. Of course, you can’t quick-fix your feelings, but you can move on from them. With Renee’s help, as well as the comfort of other women undergoing through the same process, you can learn how to feel all of the things coming at you in a divorce, but you will also learn how to heal after letting yourself feel these raw emotions.

Being “happy even after” is a mindset we firmly believe in equipping our clients with. You are capable, and you are strong. You have powerful, deep feelings, and you will overcome them. With so much potential for a different and refreshing, new future, you are capable of being happy even after your divorce.




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Get to Know Us Through the Eyes of Our Clients
  • “I am truly grateful for the dedication.”

    - Joel
  • “She made me feel like my best interest would be prioritized.”

    - Jay S.
  • “I would recommend Happy Even After to anyone looking for support and guidance during these times, it has been such a relief to have the representation of Megan and the rest of the staff at Happy Even After.”

    - Jenna S.
  • “Thank you for helping me through this difficult trial and ensuring the best possible outcome on my behalf. I am so happy to start my next chapter. For many years I only dreamed of this chapter and now it’s a reality with the help of a very passionate”

    - Erica
  • “We have always felt safe and comfortable with him. I’m past, when I have had to explain to the kids that Attorney Joe was going to be reaching out, there was never any hesitation/anxiety from the children.”

    - John G.

The Happy Even After Difference 

  • We offer legal strategy coupled with mindset coaching.
  • We honor the emotional journey of divorce.
  • We care about how your divorce impacts your children and our approach is always child-centered.
  • We stand against unnecessary conflict.
You Have Choices

It’s time to create a life you love.
Life is too short to stay stuck in unhappy.