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Parental Relocation After Divorce in Connecticut

Moving with Children After Divorce in Connecticut

Relocation raises significant child custody and visitation issues. As with child custody, relocation issues are optimally worked out between the parents, who are in the ideal position to determine what is in the best interest of their child and themselves. If the parents cannot agree, however, the courts will have to intervene to make that determination.

If you wish to relocate, it's important that you have an experienced relocation attorney advocating on your behalf.

Q&A on Relocation

Can I move out-of-state with my child?

If you are the custodial parent and wish to relocate out-of-state, you will need either the other parent's approval or permission from the court. The court's priority is to make decisions that are in the best interest of the child. When evaluating this, the court will take into consideration a variety of factors.

The attorneys at Happy Even After offer extensive experience in advising parents in complex child custody and parenting disputes, including relocation cases. Contact us today for legal counsel regarding your unique situation.

What must I do if I wish to relocate outside of CT?

If you wish to relocate out of state, this would impact the existing parenting plan, so you must demonstrate the following to the court:

  • That the relocation is for legitimate purposes: The court evaluates whether the reasons for the move stem from a legitimate purpose or simply to deprive the other parent from spending time with the child. Legitimate purposes for relocating might include a desire to live closer to family or another support system, or moving away for employment-related reasons.
  • That the proposed location is reasonable: Is the proposed new home / location sensible?
  • That the relocation is in the best interest of the child: Will relocating result in a better support unit for the child? Are you relocating to pursue a higher-paying job, which would enable you to provide more for your child? Does the new location have better schools and education opportunities? The court would consider an affirmative answer to any of these questions as evidence in favor of the relocation being in the child's best interest. The court will also consider whether the relocation would still allow the child to maintain a relationship with the non-relocating parent.

What does "best interest" mean in relocation cases?

Courts look at the whole picture and make a decision of whether or not to approve child relocation based on whether or not they believe the move would be in the child's best interest. How exactly does the court make this decision?

While courts may consider other factors in addition to these, the following questions are some of the primary considerations they will take into account when determining what is in the child's "best interest":

  • Will the relationship between the child and non-relocating parent be preserved?
  • What are the parents' reasons for seeking or opposing relocation?
  • What quality of relationship does the child have with each parent?
  • How will relocating impact future contact with the non-relocating parent?
  • In what ways and to what degree will relocating affect or change the child's life and that of the relocating parent?

If you wish to relocate with your child, or would like to contest your former spouse's desire to relocate, you need an experienced legal advocate on your side. We are well-versed in Connecticut relocation laws and can help you understand all of your legal options. Call Happy Even After for all of your relocation and custody concerns.

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