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How Does the Collaborative Approach Work?

As the name suggests, collaborative divorce is a legal divorce process that involves collaboration between the divorcing spouses. This is a good divorce option for spouses who are still on amicable terms or are willing to cooperate with each other to settle divorce settlements, such as those involving asset division and child custody. The collaborative process is typically a stress-free and low-conflict process, as spouses may discuss an agreement with each other while holding the most decision-making authority (as opposed to the traditional divorce process, where a judge makes the final decision in a trial).

The collaborative process generally involves a combination of mediation and negotiation. If you are interested in making peace privately instead of publicly in the courtroom, collaborative divorce may be a favorable option for you. Instead of fighting your divorce out in front of the judge, you and your spouse can work together to negotiate an amicable settlement out of court, without leaving anyone feeling like they’ve gotten the short end of the stick or a default order. However, note that the collaborative process automatically ends when a spouse takes an issue to court.

Each spouse may bring their respective lawyers to the negotiation room to help assist them with settling disputes. This can help ensure your rights are being protected – both as a former spouse and as a parent –, and the grounding presence of an attorney like ours at Happy Even After can help you to remain calm, logical, and assertive about your goals. You may also call in outside experts when necessary, such as if you seek to retain a real estate appraiser or parenting consultant to provide information useful for reaching a fair agreement.

How You Can Be Happy Even After

The collaborative divorce process is not a fight, but a discussion. As a result, it is a favorable way to keep tensions low and to maintain a communicative relationship with the other person you may have a child with. Divorce is messy, and you and your spouse will naturally experience intense feelings through the process. However, collaboration allows you to make their own decisions about your new lives on your own terms.

If you and your spouse express a willingness to negotiate, you can work towards a mutual separation agreement and be happy even after. A collaborative process may even save you both time and money, and even preserve your mental health absent of heated arguments.

Our collaborative law attorneys at Happy Even After believe in your mental and emotional success in the divorce playing field, and we will do our best to support you in the negotiations room as you voice your interests. We are trained in the Connecticut collaborative process, and we are deeply passionate about helping couples resolve their disputes amicably and fairly.

Working Together on a Stress-Free & Low-Conflict Divorce

At Happy Even After, we are deeply passionate about helping couples through the mentally and emotionally trying process of divorce. We understand that ending a marriage can be overwhelming and stressful, but we also believe that it does not need to be. One option for resolving a divorce amicably is collaborative divorce. Our attorneys are trained in the collaborative approach and can guide you and your spouse through the negotiations process while addressing both of your interests and goals. We will help you maintain a stress-free and low-conflict divorce so you can look ahead at your new future, happy even after.

If you are interested in collaborative law and want to learn whether this approach may be appropriate for your divorce, contact Happy Even After for an initial consultation. Our collaborative law attorneys can chat with you about the possible outcomes of your collaborative divorce, such as by discussing your spouse’s ability to cooperate, and we will compassionately guide you through a legal process that should not take a big emotional or mental toll.

Contact our collaborative law attorneys at Happy Even After today to pave the way to your exciting new future. Call (203) 288-7800 or contact us online to learn more.

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