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Support & Custody Modification FAQs

Questions about post-decree modifications in Connecticut?

At Bauer Law Group, LLC, we work to ensure that our clients understand their rights and their legal options. If you have been divorced and are now considering going to court to request a modification to the terms of the court orders concerning child custody, child support, alimony or other issues, come to us first.

Even simple mistakes and oversight in the process can cause the petition to be denied and you owe it to yourself to ensure that you do not make such an error. Let our Connecticut divorce attorneys review the matter first and help you make an informed decision about how to proceed.

For now, read through our answers to commonly asked questions on the topic of post-decree modifications:

Can you change a Connecticut divorce judgment?

People's lives change. What once worked at the time of your divorce in regards to parenting time, child support and spousal maintenance may not make sense anymore. You can modify your Connecticut divorce agreement under certain circumstances.

Can you modify a parenting plan in Connecticut?

Yes. Maintaining and documenting contact with your children is essential to a successful modification of custody or parenting plan. If you observe developments that cause you to be concerned, be prepared to demonstrate to the court your active involvement in your children's lives.

If a parent is actively involved with their children, and can demonstrate that involvement - financially and otherwise - the court is more likely to consider their motion than a parent who rarely interacts with their children on any level.

Can we modify without going to court?

While many divorced couples make changes to their parenting plan on their own and without court involvement, problems sometimes do arise, and the parties are left to unravel the mess. Usually one party argues that a certain course of action should occur based on their past conduct while the other party argues that they should refer back to their divorce agreement. Even if the changes are amicable, it is best to get all post-divorce modifications finalized through the courts.

When can child support be modified?

If your financial situation has changed substantially since your divorce, you may be entitled to an increase or decrease in child support.

What factors does the court consider in addressing a modification request in Connecticut?

Factors such as a decrease in a party's ability to pay support, remarriage, cohabitation, change in health, or change in financial abilities may be grounds to seek a financial modification. The court may increase, decrease or suspend support payments if a substantial change in financial circumstances is found.

Sometimes, life evolves and a parenting plan needs to be modified or custody needs to be modified. Reasons to modify a parenting plan may include a parent seeking additional parenting time, a parent's desire to relocate, a change in a parent's work schedule or a child's own activity schedule. As always, Connecticut courts look out for the best interest of the child.

How can Bauer Law Group, LLC help with modification needs?

The experienced attorneys at Bauer Law Group, LLC work with clients to identify how the law applies to their situation and to assist them in seeking modification of the existing alimony or spousal support order. We have extensive experience and will aggressively and zealously advocate for your interests.

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