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Modifications After Divorce in Connecticut

Am I Eligible for a Modification of My Divorce Agreement?

To request modification of your divorce order in Connecticut, you primarily need to show a material and substantial change in your financial or other lifestyle circumstances, such as if you have very different financial obligations or start living with someone new. Similarly, unexpected changes life has thrown at you, such as a job lay-off, a major medical event, or the need to move to support an ailing family member, are also reasons for modification.

Our Modifications FAQ page has more specific information, but generally to decide on a modification request the court will examine factors such as:

  • the ability to pay support
  • remarriage or cohabitation with another
  • change in health needs
  • other relevant factors
  • A court will also prioritize the child’s best interests, which include considerations like what will be conducive to the child’s school activity schedule

Note that a request for modification to orders concerning payment of spousal support or child support may be approved when it is shown that the recipient now requires more support due to a job loss or pay cut or, conversely, that the paying party has fallen into financial hardship and can no longer afford to maintain the obligation. It is best to consult an experienced professional such as our team at Happy Even After to ensure your rights are being protected in the circumstances, whether as the paying spouse or the receiving spouse.

Keep in mind that a judge will not be as willing to approve your request if it appears to be frivolous or even spiteful. For example, in cases of parental relocation, it is often necessary to prove that the custodial parent is not merely trying to deprive the other parent of the ability to exercise rights of visitation and that the move is objectively necessary (such as for a new job).

Enforcing a Modification

Some couples might discuss a change among themselves without adjusting the court order itself. This could work as long as both partners cooperate with each other, but problems may occur if you seek to enforce the change. As these verbal agreements are not legal orders, you don’t have as secure grounds for enforcing the other party to abide by the change. As a result, it is best to finalize your modification in court.

Happy Even After with the Changes You Deserve

When the terms of the court orders that you received at the conclusion of your divorce have become onerous and are now present a major barrier to your success and happiness, you can come to Happy Even After for help. A modification lawyer from our law firm can help you petition the family law court for a formal modification to orders concerning child custody, visitation, child support, or alimony. We are passionate about helping individuals navigate the changes arising as they look towards new futures. We have extensive experience working in the family law courts throughout Connecticut, so you can trust that we are ready to take action on your behalf.

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If you have questions about requesting a modification or need the assistance of an experienced attorney, do not hesitate to contact our lawyers at Happy Even After. While helping families through the legal system is our career, it is also our personal passion. We take every client personally, and we will provide you with the compassionate guidance you need to walk through an emotional and trying legal system while you juggle your new life changes.

It is only natural for life to change in the months and years following a divorce. Whereas your life as a married person may have been headed very decidedly in one direction, everything may now be different, especially if you have children growing up right before your eyes. You may be considering a career change or a move to another city or state, or your child may be experiencing new or different needs.

Our firm understands these circumstantial changes and will help you appropriately address them by seeking modifications of existing court orders. After all, you deserve to take control of your life however you please while also looking after your and your child’s developing needs. At Happy Even After, we will sit down with you to discuss your new circumstances that warrant a modification. Our compassionate attorneys will advocate for your rights in the face of changing situations and shoulder the legal burden while you look forward to your next chapter.

Bring your case to Happy Even After for an initial consultation to see if you have grounds to request a post-decree modification. Call (203) 288-7800 or contact us online today!

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