Fighting the Stigma of Divorce


Happy Even After Family Law prides itself in being a firm that guides people through the challenging process of ending a marriage, even when divorce is so often seen in a negative light. Our team is passionate about altering how divorce is seen by the public. We’ve come a long way as a country, with 58% of Americans now viewing divorce as the preferable alternative to an unhappy marriage. However, our team at Happy Even After Family Law believes this figure could be radically improved. Nobody should feel pressured to remain in an unhappy marriage, which is why our firm hopes to boost the acceptability of divorce significantly.

Key Divorce Statistics

Despite this, divorce rates are surprisingly still high. Recent studies have shown that divorce rates in 2021 logged at 45%, which is quite close to the all-time high rate of 53% posted in 1981. But these figures are not the highest in the world today. The top five countries with the highest divorce rates include Spain (63%), the Czech Republic (66%), Hungary (67%), Portugal (68%), and Belgium (72%).

A separate study shows that the top causes of divorce include conflict, arguing, irretrievable breakdown in the relationship, lack of commitment, infidelity, and a lack of physical intimacy. The report also shows that the least common reasons are lack of shared interests and incompatibility between partners.

Understanding the Stigma of Divorce

The continued rise in divorce cases in the US has still left divorcees with the general stigma of being shunned or made to feel embarrassed about their situation. This has inspired Happy Even After Family Law to unveil its plans to change this. The company reiterated its commitment to helping women find a sense of purpose and a brand new start after the deterioration of their marriage.

The company stands by its underlying principle that all divorcees, no matter where they are, can rewrite their story and come out unscathed from the negative impression that society has pinned on them.

Renee Bauer, the founder of Happy Even After, says:

I've gone through two divorces, and those bumps and bruises along the way have resulted in a shift towards the best version of myself today. We all know that divorce can be such a painful and tedious process. We try to make sure you get through this, minus the further hurt and damage. Unfortunately, we cannot bring you back to change the beginning of things, but we sure can help you start your whole new life at this point and make sure you get to write a much happier and more fulfilling ending.

Even after you decide to a divorce is the best option for you, determining the next steps can be a challenge. That’s why its important to move forward with legal counsel you can trust. You must consider the costs involved in the divorce, along with custody, parenting rights, division of personal property, the support they will need, and the selection of an attorney who can best help them navigate these waters.

If you’re ready to get started, we are ready to listen. Call (203) 288-7800 today to discuss your case with our team at Happy Even After Family Law.