The State of the CT State Family Court


The COVID 19 pandemic has undoubtedly affected all facets of our everyday lives. From how we shop, socialize and work, the world as we knew it is no longer. The Family Courts are not exempt. While initially there was some frustration and concern as to how the Courts would operate. The Connecticut judicial branch has turned lemons into lemonade for many litigants.

Prior to the pandemic, parties wishing to enter into any type of final order, whether custody, child support, dissolution or a post judgment matter, had to appear before a Judge at least once in order to have that case finalized. That is no longer the case. Over the course of the past several months, the Judicial system has worked hard to streamline the process and provide parties with avenues to finalize their matters safely without ever having to step inside a Court house.

These new policies and Forms (JD-FM-279, JD-FM-280, JD-FM-28 and JD-FM-282) have drastically changed the practice of family law in Connecticut. By simply filing your agreement and the appropriate forms above a Judge will be able to review your case, all accompanying documents, and issue final orders remotely.

The new system has helped “clear the docket” and address the substantial back log of cases faced by the Judicial system as a result of the months long closure due to the pandemic by allowing parties with full agreements to go to Judgment.

We have seen a large increase in parties reaching out to us who have full agreements and just need help navigating the system.

Whatever your family law needs are, we are here to help guide you through the Court system.