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You Can Still Get Divorced


You may be stuck at home, but you’re not stuck in your marriage.

During this time, it can feel like everything in your life is at a standstill. That does not have to be the case with your Divorce. With the Courts being closed except for Tier 1 cases, many people are unaware that under the newest Executive Order from Governor Lamont that uncontested Dissolutions can proceed with neither party being physically present. In order to have your Divorce Agreement approved on the papers, there are several steps that need to take place first.

Step 1

If you’re not represented by an Attorney, register for E-services on the judicial website. This step is crucial as anything being filed on a paper file is taking significantly longer to be scanned into the system due to the very limited hours and staff that are presently working in the courthouses. To set up an E-services account follow these steps:

  1. Go to and click on E-services;
  2. Select ENROLL and fill in requested information;
  3. Choose a User ID and password and SUBMIT your request;
  4. You will then receive an email from E-services;
  5. Follow the link in the email and enter your selected User ID and password;
  6. Select ACTIVATE Account and you should be registered.

Step 2

Sign all documents remotely. Governor Lamont has also issued an Executive Order regarding the signing of documentation with a notary or Commissioner of the Superior Court remotely. In order to act under this Executive Order, you must contact a notary or a Commissioner of the Superior Court and schedule a time to set up an electronic signing. You must also be physically located within Connecticut at the time of signing.

Step 3

What Additional Documents Need to be Filed?

In addition to all of the regularly required documentation, the following documents must be filed in order to comply with Executive Order 7C:

  1. JD- M-281: Affidavit in Support of Request for Entry of Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage of Legal Separation.
    1. This document must be filed by EACH party and signed in front of a Notary or Commissioner of the Superior Court.
  2. JD-FM-282: Request for Approval of Final Agreement Without Court Appearance.
    1. Both parties will sign this same document and it must also be signed by any Attorneys who have an Appearance in the case as well as the State Attorney General if there is any state assistance.

Step 4

E-file all documents and wait for the Court to send you notice of the Judgment or if it is not approved, wait for the Court to notify you of what the issues are.

If the above seems overwhelming, that’s understandable. This process is new to litigants who have never had to e-file on their own. If you and your soon-to-be-ex have a full agreement, call Bauer Law Group today to learn about our special rates for preparing and filing these documents for parties.

In this time of uncertainty, you can still control your Divorce.

Your peace is our purpose.