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Curb the Back-to-School Chaos: Co-Parenting Tips


Fall is a time for transitions and back to schedules. Getting back into a routine is challenging for all families but especially challenging when there are 2 homes. Put your children first and set your differences aside for your children’s health and happiness.

Tips to make the transition smooth:

  1. Be generous with your communication. Share photos of your child with the other parent. If one parent can attend a soccer game and the other is unavailable, send the photos. A simple act of goodwill could change the entire dynamic of the parenting relationship.
  1. Have a shared calendar. It can be through Google or OFW. Both parents should be updating it so that activities and school events are on there. It should include project due dates, doctor appts, school photo day.
  1. Your child’s things, belong to them NOT YOU. If you demand items are returned from the other parent’s house, your child will feel anxiety and guilt about forgetting something. It doesn’t matter who purchased the sneakers, they are your child’s.
  1. Everyone loves surprises, but not when they are expenses. Discuss expenses before they occur, not after. Nothing will shut down a discussion faster than one person demanding reimbursement for an expense that didn’t know about it.
  1. Plan for sick days and snow days before they happen. Often a parenting plan or custody agreement won’t discuss what happens on these days. Whether it is alternating or an agreement to have a grandparent help out, talk about it prior to it happening, to avoid scrambling and resentment in the moment.


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