What is your success rate?


At least once a week a potential client asks this question. After a lengthy consultation, the client often pulls out their list of notes, runs through the list checking off each item. Then he looks up and says, “What is your success rate?”

This question stumps me every time because how do you define success in this area of the law?

A completed divorce? Then, my success rate is 100%. But I know that is not what he means when he asks the question.

I think he wants to know how beneficial the agreement was that I negotiated for others. Or perhaps, did I win at trial?

Today, when I was asked that question, I found my answer.

I told him everyone loses when people come into the divorce process with this preconceived notion that they want to win.

If you can walk out of court after your divorce and have lunch with your ex-spouse, then your case was a success. If you can attend your daughter’s wedding and not have to sit on opposite sides of the hall, then your case was a success. If you can share in the joy of a grandchild together 15 years from now, then your divorce was a success.

Success isn’t defined by dollar signs but rather by the level of civility and respect you can maintain during and after your divorce.

So if you want to know how I can help you achieve that level of success, then I’ll be happy to share the success stories and how we did it.

That is success. 100%.

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