Leslie Bessel

Office & Account Manager

Leslie Bessel
  • Biography


    She came with the building.

    When Attorney Bauer decided to move her growing practice to its current location many years ago, she met Leslie. It was fate. After a long career as the office manager for her husband’s chiropractic business, Leslie sold the building but there was a condition. She was staying. It didn’t quite go down like that but she did join the Bauer Law Group in 2010 and has not left since.

    Leslie attended Stony Brook University and brings her extensive experience in business management to our firm. But, perhaps more importantly, she brings a steadfast loyalty and dedication to all of our cases. It is not uncommon for clients to stop by the office to hug Leslie good-bye when we wrap up a case.

    In addition to being an awesome person, Leslie is a New Yorker at heart and a past hippy.