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What Does a Parenting Coordinator Do?

Parenting coordination is a relatively new field in family law, but it can make a significant difference on the efficiency of your divorce and post-divorce life. A parenting coordinator is a person who helps divorced parents resolve day-to-day conflicts about their parenting arrangements or parenting orders, and they are commonly sought in high-conflict cases involving custody and visitation.

Parenting coordination is an entirely voluntary process, though it may be beneficial to you if you seek a third party to facilitate your arrangements with a less than cooperative spouse. Particularly, the process is intended as a method to keep couples out of court by having a neutral person assist in the small things that can often trip people up. In other words, a parenting coordinator, as the title suggests, helps to coordinate communication and negotiation between you and your spouse.

A parenting coordinator can help negotiate several things, such as:

  • making small changes to a parenting access plan for vacations and holidays;
  • scheduling activities and arranging for pick-up and drop-off;
  • establishing children's expenses and how payment will be exchanged;
  • how your children's personal and school items will be moved between your homes.

For example, if the custody court order states that your child should share summer vacation with both parents, a parenting coordinator can help you figure out a summer schedule with the other parent.

Note that a parenting coordinator does not delegate major things like decision-making responsibility or parenting time, but they can decide minor issues or adjustments as listed above. Their role is mainly to help parents communicate with each other in an effort to reach an agreement, but some parents may choose to give the parenting coordinator the ability to decide an issue if the parents cannot reach a likely agreement.

Let a compassionate parenting coordinator at Happy Even After help you and the child’s other parent cooperate on all your post-divorce agreements. Call (203) 288-7800 or contact us online today.

Our Certified Parenting Coordinators at Happy Even After

Our attorneys at Happy Even After are certified parenting coordinators who have a wealth of experience assisting parents through negotiation to reach peaceful resolutions and agreements. In fact, one of Attorney Megan C. McGrath’s passions is helping clients tap into their inner peace and readjust a healthy mindset to enable healthy communication.

Attorney McGrath and Attorney Joseph A. DiSilvestro are trained and certified as parenting coordinators, and we can help you with whatever concern you are facing. Our mission is to help parents reduce conflict and co-parent peacefully in your child’s best interests.

Helping to Facilitate Discussion and Cooperation Between Parents

Naturally, some parents post-divorce may be less inclined to cooperate than others. In such a situation, certified parenting coordinators, like those at Happy Even After, can help to facilitate discussion between parents, amicable or not. You may need a parenting coordinator especially in cases involving your children, as custody and visitation often require cooperation between parents who share time with the children. Even if your divorce was high conflict, remember that it is much more important to love your children more than you hate your ex.

Contact Happy Even After if you are ready to work together with your child’s other parent. From minor visitation changes to child support arrangements, our certified parenting coordinators can help facilitate an efficient stream of communication between you and the other parent. Put your child first and your past conflicts aside; let a neutral and experienced parenting coordinator help you.

Call (203) 288-7800 or contact Happy Even After online to get started with a passionate parenting coordinator.

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